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The inhabitants of the Bengoh ranges total 199 families or approximately 1000 Bidayuh folk. They congregate in four villages which are connected with each other by an intricate system of jungle footpaths and bamboo bridges. Their livelihoods are supported by farming activities. They are rubber tappers, pepper, paddy, cocoa and fruit farmers. They make supplementary income from sales of their farm products and various small businesses such as portering, homestays and trading of sundries.

All the lives of the Bengoh inhabitants face imminent change. Their homes and habitats shall inevitably be submerged when the dam construction completes. They will be displaced – some will move down to a resettlement village built by the government, others further up the mountains and above the dam’s waterline. Whatever it is, they will have to abandon their current lives and build new ones : fertile lands will be flooded over, loss of land ownership, loss of crops, loss of access to existing natural resources, abandonment of their ancestral burial grounds – these are all looming issues to be faced by the anxious Bengoh residents.

SK Semban is a boarding school for primary school children of the more remote settlements of Kampung Semban and Kampung Rejoi. Many students at the school – aged between 6 and 12 – usually together with their parents, make a 2-hour hike to school every Sunday and another similar trek back to their village every Friday.

Electricity is sourced from a sole diesel generator; power supply is intermittent at best. There is no telephone line in the area, no mobile phone reception, and needless to say no access to internet facilities. This means that the students do not have access to external stimulants to educate them: no computers, no television and limited radio transmission. Their teachers – bless them – are their only educators.

The beautiful children of Rejoi and Semban deserve to have as much a chance to good educational infrastructure as their city counterparts. When their school gets flooded over, they will need to step up to the sophistication of urban schooling – let’s get them prepared for this eventuality.

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