Donation Report

Event: Presentation of donations to SK Semban, Kampung Rejoi
Date: 9 May 2011
Participants: Batik Boutique Hotel – Batik Crew and hotel guests, Lions Club Kuching Emerald, Jackie’s Technology Enterprise, Tarot Salmon Japanese Restaurant, Old Timers’ hiking club
Donations: Diesel power generator, desktop computers and computer equipment, printer-scanner-and-photocopier, revision books, workbooks, reference books and story books, dictionaries, futsal net and football, sports team t-shirts, stationery and art materials, board games

The group comprising 17 persons started our trek from the dam construction site at 11.30am on Sunday, 8 May 2011. We were escorted by SK Semban principal Abot and teacher Redan and superceded by 6 porters lugging boxes of our donated goods.

Our trail saw us negotiating no less than 10 bamboo bridges – some more formidable than others – passing corn and paddy fields, and pounding on all sorts of jungle terrains. We passed Kampung Taba Sait and marveled at their organic village construction. The trek to Rejoi took the quickest of us 3 hours and the slowest of us almost 5 hours.

The village school and dormitories are located in the picturesque fringes of Rejoi.  Some of us treated ourselves to a refreshing dip in the river and all of us licked up the scrumptious dinner spread prepared by the staff of SK Semban.

After dinner, we took to the task of assembling the 2 desktop computers and printer in the resource centre  and another computer at the principal’s office. We successfully tested out all equipment, amidst the restrictions we faced with the limited power source.

The first thing on the school’s agenda on Monday, 9 May 2011 was the school assembly. The children of SK Semban were informed of the donations and token presentations were made. The mist cleared after assembly, allowing for a picture perfect group photo session.