the Batik

The concept of The Batik was conceived in the course of one of the travels of the hotel’s wacky mistress. She attributes the start-up of the hotel to certain individuals, namely Sheila, Nasir, Mike, Noor and of course the catalyst Angel who was obliging in satisfying the lady’s thirst for herbal tea one hot and humid Sunday night.

The building had its history as a coffee shop, a bank and most recently a photoshop, which had moved opposite as if prophesying the birth of The Batik. Together with her architect friend, the hotel’s mistress dreamt out the building’s future as Kuching’s first truly iconic boutique hotel. What captivated the duo was most definitely the rooftop (which subsequently became a royal pain to treat all that leaking), though some was convinced it was the location that sold them the idea.

The Batik achieved its first milestone when we finally opened to the public on 8 April 2010, after a year of renovations. We were more then delighted that not three months later our classy chic cosy building won First Prize for Colour on Buildings (Interior) 2010 by the Malaysian Institute of Architects. Kudos to Noor and the ZDR team for your fabulous design ideas!